About Us

We are three schools, from Turkey, Latvia and Romania. We come together in the frame of Erasmus+Vet program.

Dr. Sadık Ahmet Vocational and Technical high school is located in Edirne in Turkey. The school was established in 2002 in the name of Tourism and Hotel Management High School. Our school aims to educate qualified staff in the field of Tourism. After four years training and education the students start their career. There are two main departments, food and beverage and accommodation and travel. It has a practice hotel with the capacity of 100 guests. Our organization has 32 teachers, 5 assistant directors, 1 director, 2 officers, 4 attendants and a project team.

’HOTEL SCHOOL Hotel Management College’ is Located in Riga in Latvia. HOTEL SCHOOL" Hotel Management College LLC, established in 2010, is an accredited provider of 1st Level professional higher education, licensed vocational (VET) education, further vocational training in Hospitality Management, has Erasmus VET and ADULT accreditations. In addition, the organization provides BTEC Level 3, 4 and Level 5 HND in Business, in Hospitality Management/CAM. The organizational structure consists of the Board, College Council, Director, Publishing Department, Library, Research and Project Department, Academic Department, Student Services, Student Parliament, Accounting Department. The number of staff is 20, the overall number of learners is 100.

Colegiul „Vasile Lovinescu” Falticeni is situated in the North-Eastern part of Romania, Suceava county. It has 1747 registered students and 111 teachers, 13 non-teaching staff and 23 – support staff. It is one of the most famous areas in Romania for its gastronomy, rural life traditions and natural landscapes. It is visited by many tourists, from our country and abroad. Almost half of the teachers are engineers/economists, responsible for the students' theoretical and practical training in their own field of study. The other half is teachers of general in-service training. The school provides professional training in various specializations: automations, construction and civil engineering, auto mechanical services; accountancy, hotel industry, food processing and quality control of food products, ecology and environment quality control, forestry and wood exploitation, horticulture, rural tourism.