Our Mıssıon

Everything we eat is shaped according to the geography we live in. When we look at the geography of food, we come across its historical roots. That historical root is the story of a person's journey around the world for various reasons. Food culture unites in this regard and makes people happy. Today, countries spend a large amount of their budget to make serious differences in tourism. Tourism is a big circle and if you run it well the circle re-enlarge continuously. There are lots of different agents in tourism. But the most important one is the improvement of the labor force because it is in the center of the tourism circle and the labor force can enlarge it if they want.

The schools in this project provide the quality labor force to the tourism sector. Main aim is to teach learners different cuisines and encourage them to integrate different cuisines to their own cuisines.

For the aim of the project four motilities has design;

  • Teachers training in Turkey
  • Students training in Riga
  • Students online workshops about their innovative menu
  • Presentation of innovation food of students in Romania

The main aim of our project is to give our students a chance to learn and live the cultural differences and adapt it to their work. The students will not only explain their own culture and cuisine, but also create a synthesis by getting to know different cultures and cuisines. Based on this synthesis, they will contribute to the fusion cuisine by doing innovation studies on dishes. The students will adopt a new concept to world cuisine literature by integrating their own cuisine’s characteristics with characteristics from different cuisines. They will both promote their own cuisine and continue to provide intercultural interaction by cooking in different countries or in the restaurants they will open. We believe that this project will help our students, who are focal people of tourism circle, to be a World person and especially a World chef.

The target group is, of course, the students in this project. But with teacher training the target group has a wide range because the teachers will teach more students with the experiences they gained. The teachers in the project will help to continue the project with teaching his/her experiences to the other students of their schools.

With online activities, we aimed to help students to learn how to use technology in their profession. And also make the cultures and countries closer.